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Women and men often face different challenges – and this is especially true for women who are building a career while raising a family.  Citrin Cooperman is committed to recruiting, retaining, and developing our women for leadership roles.

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Citrin Cooperman’s Women’s Initiative (“CC WIN”) is a growing dedicated group of professionals committed to further enhancing our workplace to more effectively develop, reward, engage, and attract women accountants. The primary objective of CC WIN is to help our women develop to their fullest potential, and position them appropriately for advancement and success.

Our Women’s Initiative Committee is continuing its work to develop and implement strategies to facilitate progress for the woman of Citrin Cooperman.  A sample of the initiatives established to help advance and retain our women are as follows:

Bright Horizons - Citrin Cooperman has partnered with Bright Horizons to provide our employees with resources for urgent and ongoing care needs for their children, adults/elders, and pets in their family through the Bright Horizons Care Advantage Program.
  Mentoring Parents Program – The Mentoring Parents Program is designed to provide new parents with guidance and insights relating to everyday challenges, as well as a sounding board when the need arises. The program will connect new parents with more senior Citrin Cooperman parents who have experience achieving a work/life balance.
Leaning Out Program - Citrin Cooperman’s Women’s Initiative recognizes that many professionals in the industry often need to take a temporary career break to care for family, loved ones, or for other personal reasons. Our Women’s Initiative has developed a program through which an employee can choose to systemically reduce their hours in the workforce, in anticipation of a temporary career break.  In doing so, the employee can maintain their connection with the Firm and its resources – for a few months or more than a decade. Leaning Out, provides access to on-site and self-study training opportunities to continue professional education requirements; invites to networking events; ongoing mentor/mentee relationship, among other things.
  Specialized Training – This program has been designed to provide specialized training for Citrin Cooperman women across all levels and lines of service. This specialized training is intended to inspire the women of Citrin Cooperman to set ambitious career goals by providing a framework for positive thought and behavior that helps women achieve higher impact – resulting in higher performance and great satisfaction. Through these courses, we would explore topics such as:
  • Investing in Relationships
  • Gender and Negotiation
  • Personal Brand
  Networking Events – The Women’s Initiative plans networking activities for our women and encourages participation at women conferences and involvement on industry committees and events to support our women’s professional development.
  Participation in International Women’s Day – The continued advancement of women is not an option; it is an imperative.  Our firm is proud to be part of International Women’s Day.  However, Citrin Cooperman’s commitment to the advancement of women is not isolated to March 8th; it is part of our firm’s DNA.  Citrin Cooperman and the Women’s Initiative Committee will continue to boldly and fearlessly take courageous action to do its part to forge a better working world in the United States and globally – a more inclusive gender equal world.