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Strategic Acquisitions - A Pathway to Growth - CEO Roundtable

May 15, 2017


Monday, May 15, 2017 
Your company is in growth mode. It is well run and has access to funding. Organic growth opportunities are available and being considered. They are not without risk.

Strategic acquisitions may be a tactic your company should consider. Acquisitions can broaden your customer, supplier, technology, manufacturing, distribution and/or geographic base. They can add depth and expertise to your management team. They can add a proven business to your own.
On May 15, 2017, Citrin Cooperman will host a small group roundtable seminar in its New York City office, along with MAST Advisors, Inc., for Vistage CEOs to explore how strategic acquisitions may allow your company to be a growth vehicle and strengthen its competitive advantages. We will explore the benefits of pursuing acquisitions and techniques to mitigate transaction and commercial risks.

Please contact Vicki Dill at for more information


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