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With today’s changing market forces and rising interest rates, and with investors desiring lower cost and risk structures, the capital markets environment and its participants are more wary than ever.

Our capital markets professionals are highly experienced in all aspects of the industry, and will seamlessly help you navigate through regulatory and technical accounting in a variety of areas. This includes advising on preparing for becoming a listed company, advising on business restructuring, accounting and regulatory issues, and acting as reporting accountants.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

With our eyes toward the future, our capital markets professionals have observed the following trends:

  • Constantly evolving regulations, compliance, and effectively managing risks are a major challenge for firms today. More and more firms require extra guidance as compliance and reporting-related activities divert attention from other key focus areas. It is also fueling the need for increasingly vast amounts of data from different sources and the emergence of RegTech firms that focus on specific parts of regulation compliance.
  • Blockchain technology is expected to change the way data is managed in capital markets. Use of this technology should lead to better back-office efficiencies, lower the risks of data error, and simplify more transparent systems for capital market participants.
  • Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a critical area of focus, as digitization is escalating risk exposure. Data breaches are not only costly (4.0 million in costs to firms in 2016), they can cause damage to brand and firm reputation, legal suits, and a decline in client trust and confidence.

Citrin Cooperman’s capital markets leadership team includes senior practitioners with extensive experience with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) client matters, and we support our clients’ capital markets transactions through a diverse suite of services. We work with midcap and pre-IPO companies, and guide our clients throughout all phases of the business cycle.


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Our services include:

  • SEC solutions
  • IPO readiness
  • Financial management advisory
  • Strategy development and consulting

Special purpose acquisition company (SPACs) transactions