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Client Spotlight: MeritDirect

February 15, 2017
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 Mid-Market Growth and MeritDirect 

The successful growth of any company comes from smart leadership that recognizes early the direction in which their respective industry is heading. The leadership team at MeritDirect knew that they needed to diversify and transform their business in order to become an industry leader and maintain a pace driven by evolving technology. MeritDirect was committed to investing in the resources and talent that would ensure their future as a leader in solution based marketing services.

Their strategic approach to building a modern marketing organization named them one of 30 companies to watch by research and advisory firm, Outsell, Inc. in their 2016 Information Industry Outlook titled Tipping Point. Outsell stated, “Built from a legacy, one-dimensional list business, MeritDirect has morphed into data-driven, multichannel marketing solutions combined with data management, consulting, and analytics embedded deep in the B2B, B2C and Data Driven Marketing.”

From 2010 to 2013, MeritDirect invested in the assets of two companies that expanded their scope of services and grew their client base in the consumer marketing and publishing space. These early acquisitions were strategic in that they added services and clients, as well as provided the principals of those companies a seamless exit strategy while maintaining their business unit within MeritDirect. 
Within that time frame, they also hired a global marketing executive, launched operations in a newly formed UK office and hired leading digital marketing talent to launch their Digital Services Division at the company HQ.
In 2014, MeritDirect recruited three top professionals specializing in CRM engagements with enterprise level technology companies. This launched a Boston office and a suite of new services supporting a growing technology client base. 
The years 2015 and 2016 saw their largest growth with the acquisition of three companies.  These strategic purchases helped to vertically integrate, widen their analytic capabilities and keep a considerable amount of the data processing costs in house. 
While MeritDirect knew that that strategic acquisition could be a shortcut to growth, they also recognized that there was risk involved. They took an approach that called for looking ahead to the future of their company, the data driven marketing needs of their clients, the added value, as well as a great deal of research and planning for the integration.  They knew that they could not foresee future market conditions so they hedged their bets by ensuring that their acquisition and investment criteria included:
  • Strong Financial Performance
  • Innovative Leadership and Talent
  • Strategic Services, Capabilities and Clients
  • Shared Cultural Values of:
    • Integrity
    • Performance and Company Focused Goals
    • Extreme Ownership
    • Collaboration and Transformation
    • Winning and Success
MeritDirect ( is proud of its history and looking forward to a bright future as a thought leader in data, digital and analytics.
Deirdre Blohm
Vice President, Marketing
MeritDirect, LLC
HQ: Rye Brook, NY
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