Focus on what counts

Accounting Advisory Services

Focused on Above-Bar Standards

Today’s regulatory environment goes far beyond the traditional audit. The continued convergence to IFRS is driving changes in areas such as revenue recognition, lease accounting, and SEC compliance. With these regulations on the horizon, it’s important to stay ahead of the changes. Our Accounting Advisory Services Practice’s mission is to focus and advise on the current, proposed, and future regulations that could affect your business. We focus on getting to know your business, and provide tailored solutions for increasing investor confidence and creating industrious improvement on your bottom line.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Citrin Cooperman’s Accounting Advisory Services Practice goes beyond the typical, rubber-stamped assurance services, offering the deep knowledge and expertise required to support clients in assuring shareholders, investors, and regulators on various aspects of business performance. We also help clients anticipate and prepare for the effects the fast-changing regulatory arena can have on their business.