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Tax Research and Planning

Focused on strategically minimizing obligations

Strategic tax planning can be an effective way to boost profitability and personal wealth.  The mission of Citrin Cooperman’s tax professionals is to design a tax plan that accomplishes the goals of businesses and individuals and keeps tax obligations to a minimum.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Every major step in your both your business and personal life is going to affect your tax obligations. The strategy begins with research and planning.  Gaining a full understanding of our clients’ business and personal situations is imperative to the process. Understanding where a company operates, how it’s structured, and what stage it's at in the business life cycle allows our professionals to research options, formulate strategy, and tailor a plan to fit each unique business.  Likewise, tax planning for individuals and families can differ depending on goals, responsibilities, and stage of life. Our team is committed to carefully considering every alternative and working with our clients to develop a sound strategy for meeting and minimizing tax obligations.

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